Radical Remembrance Gocek, Turkey
[The Gocek Semantic Souvenir Subversion]
Gocek, summer 2008
The point of departure for the project is the souvenir as a tool for recalling memories attached to various points of locality, in time and space as well as imagination and stimulus memory. The tools for remembrance are the materials used in our work. By widening the concept of the souvenir transgressing the borders between product, service and economy and also involving other senses than seeing (voir) and thus reaching a wider understanding on how we use and collect tools for remembrance.
Through a one week hacking boot camp in local product mutation and modulation the participants will re-explore of the possibilities of tourist souvenir development through semionautic strategies.
The schedule includes various activities like:

Eagar Excavation of the depths of memory recalling and applying historical layers of tradition and craft in the local area as well as understanding the basic techniques of local crafts and expressions.

Practical Piratology where cross-over bending of semantics and techniques promotes new expressions and forms of local tools for remembrance/souvenirs combining new and old, authentic and hyper-real.

Pervasive Plunderphonics are tools for re-mixing culture through reverse audio-cultural engineering hacking up and short circuiting the tones of the local.

Semionautic Strategies is a collection of design techniques applied by the semantic hacker repurposing and shifting viewpoints onto local culture and its remembrance.
The one week workshop will be held at the Exquisite Gocek EcoClub in Lycia and led by a team of international semionauts.
Register via mail to roomservices[at]gmail.com
poster (for 2006 proposal): [pdf]