proxy radio
Proxy Radio "Positiveland" - more local than local - winter 2005+ (aka Radio Free Dale FM 89,5)
Proxy Radio station "Positiveland" is a 1watt radio station with a range of about 1 km broadcasting copylefted material and interviews concerning local conditions through trans-local eyes. All for you people of Dale, every night at FM 89,5.
    Our crew involves an open range of participants and explores the possibilities of taking back media by talking back and expanding theinterface of the local. Producing proxy-publics in verious topics is our main goal and thus bridging cells of communication and widening our common field of ation and possibilities. By taking back the media we produce own content and DIY empowerment within our neighboring community cross fertilizing our interests and expanding our sense of locality.
   We invite our listeners to dive into many facetted forms of music creation and disrtibution - mainly under creative commons or copyleft licences.The copylefted music broadcasted is having an emphasis on material produced locally or in neighboring nations.
By exchanging programs across the planet the radio station concept is testing exchanges between geographically opposing local situations, discussing proximity questions and conditions experienced by a globalized world on a very personal level. The exchange of the unique proximity radio programs is done by internet but not by internet radio since the programs can only be heard through the proxy FM.
   Bringing another local situation as a mirror of reflection becomes a central theme in the proxy radio's ability to create new understanding of how we inhabit the local and how we can bridge it to situations we would like to share - and creating our own relevant voice for our own listeners.
   This own voice in the global hertzian space is a free voice, taking back the media and finding an own relation to the language which might also act as a loophole through media control by stepping down into the "more local than local" for a grounded position.
The local hertzian space is a scene and arena for understanding and connections but also a position sidestepping the gate keepers of national or regional channels and regulations. It is not legal but becomes a right in itself by being the amplifier of the community voices and publics.

The starting positions of this exchange are Dale, Norway and Melbourne, Australia but the positions will be altering in an attempt to hold opposite positions on the globe during broadcasts.
The proxy radio is a collaboration between roomservices and the amazing Matthew Brown.