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Moda Mutfak - Adventures in Food and Fashion
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Moda Mutfak is a series of collaborative workshops exploring the molecular politics of food and fashion, where participants build a collective platform of knowledge on the relation between cooking and craft, reclaiming skills and systems of delegation to master both the utensils of cooking as well as crocheting.
These are the politics of the pickle and the patchwork. Both cooktivism and craftvism are methods of enablement, fighting the interpassive anxiousness of ready-made sauces as well as ready-to-wear fashion. It is a struggle of liberation, both of calories and clothes. Karl Lagerfeld means there is nothing more dangerous to the body than sauces and we try to find out if there is anything more dangerous to the body than Karl Lagerfeld. Instead of abiding the advice of Mr Lagerfeld we fabricate fashion with critical cooking!
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I think that fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight.
Karl Lagerfeld
I think that food is the healthiest motivation for being out of fashion.
Dr Kral
We think fashion and food can be the healthiest motivations for liberation!!
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Moda Mutfak is the home of the critical cuisine where creative culinary sessions are flavored with the fashion foundations. Here critical discussion seasoned with oriental organza mixes conversation with craft and also brings together a group of interested and skillful practitioners to share discursive digestion as well as crackerjack craftivism. Fashion fodder is cultivated into exquisite edibles. A new exclusiveness is born - a radical sharing of skills.
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